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Install NodeJS

How to install NodeJS

Step 1

Go to Discord Bot Installer tab in your Game Panel.

Step 2

Install the Node.js generic version.

Step 3

Once the installation is complete, your server will automatically reinstall, just wait for it to finish.

Step 4

Finally, remember to choose from the Startup tab the version of NodeJS you want to run on the server, the version of NodeJS you choose must be compatible with your bot.

Step 5

Upload your bot files and start the server. If your bot needs settings like environment variables you can create the .env file and place your environment variables there.

By default a simple example code is downloaded from the GitHub repository https://github.com/vexyhost/discord-js-bot (opens in a new tab) you can delete those files to upload your bot. By default the file that will try to start the server is index.js you can change this from the Startup tab.

โœ” Done! Once you upload your files you can start the server, if you have any inconvenience you can contact us by Discord (opens in a new tab).