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How to Login

How to Login

After ordering your server, you should have received some emails. Some will have been from our billing system confirming the order, another should be from the Pterodactyl game panel. Please note that you will only receive the email from the game panel once your payment has been successfully validated and processed (check your spam/junk folder).

Once you have received the payment confirmation email or the email from the game panel confirming the server creation, you can go to https://panel.vexyhost.com/ (opens in a new tab) and log in with the same email you used to purchase the service and the same password.

The first time, when you create a new account, the password for the client area (billing.vexyhost.com) and the game panel (panel.vexyhost.com) are automatically synchronized for easy login. However, the two panels are completely different and any changes you make to either panel will NOT affect the other. This means that if you, for example, change the password for the game panel, the client area password will not be affected until you change it manually, i.e. you can have a different password for each panel.

If for some reason you forgot your client area or game panel password. You can reset your passwords from each panel with the following links: