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๐Ÿ’ป Minecraft (Java)
Server Icon

How to set your server icon

Step 1

First you need to have the image that you are going to use as an icon on your server, this image must be in PNG format and must have a size of 64x64 pixels, otherwise the icon will not load on the server.

Step 2

After we have our image in .png format and size 64x64 pixels, you must rename the file to: server-icon.png and upload it to the server. You can upload the server-icon.png file by dragging and dropping it from the File Manager in the Game Panel.

Step 3

Restart your server and you should now be able to see your server icon in the game.

โœ… That's it! If you have any problems, contact us via Discord (opens in a new tab) so we can help you.