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Most MTA:SA servers have more toxic communities than normal, which results in constant attempts to attack servers that have many players. We recommend being aware of this and avoiding attacks at all costs, as it goes against our Terms of Service (opens in a new tab), and you are 100% responsible for what you do with your server.

Step 1 - Choose plan

Go to MTA:SA plans (opens in a new tab). Choose the plan that best suits your needs. If you're unsure which one to choose, you can contact support for assistance.

Step 2 - Choose billing cycle

Next, you'll need to choose the billing cycle. You can choose to pay for your service monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. The longer the period you choose, the more discount you'll receive.

MonthlyEvery month
QuarterlyEvery 3 months
Semi-AnnualEvery 6 months
AnnualEvery 12 months

Step 3 - Server Location

In the "Location" section, you can choose the location of your server. Most of the time, the displayed locations have available stock. However, it's possible that a location may not have stock at that moment, and your server will be created in a nearby location.

Step 4 - Dedicated IP

In the "Dedicated IP" section, you can select whether you want to have a Dedicated IP with ports 22003, 22005, and 22126 available only for your server.

MTA:SA requires 3 ports:


The ASE port is required to announce the server on the in-game server list. This port is always the game port (22003) + 123 = 22126.

The Dedicated IP is usually used to access the server without specifying the port in the game since the default port for MTA:SA is 22003. Port 22005 is used for resource downloading, and port 22126 is used to list your server on the in-game server list. If you don't use a Dedicated IP, your server will still be listed in the game, but it may take a few hours longer than usual. The server will always be delivered with 3 ports already configured.

Step 5 - Backups

In the "Backups" section, you can choose the option to have more than 1 backup of your server. Unlike other hosting providers, we believe that everyone should have the ability to make at least 1 backup of their server for free, as backups are important for data protection. These backups can be generated and restored from the Game Panel (opens in a new tab), and you can also download the backup to your device if you want to store it locally.

In addition to the backups mentioned above, which are managed from the Game Panel (opens in a new tab), we also perform external backups of all servers and nodes every 24 hours, every 7 days and every month. These backups include both files and databases. If you need one of these backups, you can contact us via support ticket.

Step 6 - Server Name

Finally, you can choose the name of your server. This name will appear in the Game Panel (opens in a new tab), but it is not the in-game server name.

Some plans offer additional services like "Server migration," where we handle migrating your server from another hosting provider to ours. Another additional service is "MTA:SA - Fast Download (httpdownloadurl)," which speeds up resource downloads when many players are downloading resources at the same time. If you choose any of these additional services, you should open a support ticket after the purchase, as these processes are done manually.

Step 7 - Review & Payment

Review the summary of your purchase and click on the Continue button. On the summary page, you can enter a discount code if you have one and choose the payment method. Once you complete the summary page, the order will be generated, and you will be redirected to the payment gateway according to the chosen payment method.

โœ” Great! Now you can proceed with the payment. If you have any questions about paying your invoices, you can check our tutorial here. Once we receive the payment, we will send you an email confirming the activation of your services.