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How Backups work

How Backups work

If your service is terminated, you can open a support ticket and ask if we still store the files, we normally backup all nodes to external servers every 24hs, every 7 days and every 1 month.

Backups are important in case you need to recover old files after deletion or loss.

It is always advisable to make a backup of the files every so often, in case there is an unforeseen event, you want to revert the changes or there is an accidental deletion of files by the user, then you can recover the error and re-upload the files that have been deleted.

It is also recommended to have a local backup on the device of your choice before the server is terminated or bills stop being paid, avoiding the loss of files.

Create Backups

To make a backup go to the Backups section and click on Create Backup, a form should appear where you can name the backup and indicate the files you want to ignore (the latter is useful if you want to omit a folder from the backup).

Locking prevents the backup from being deleted until it is unlocked. This is useful if you have scheduled backups and do not want them to be replaced.

Restore or Download Backups

Once the backup has been made, you can restore or download it by clicking on the three dots icon. โš  By clicking the restore button, the backup will be fully restored to your server, replacing any newer files.