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How to Upload files

How to Upload files

There are two ways to upload files to your server. One is through the File Manager, the other is through SFTP. Here we will cover the file manager. For SFTP please see the article about SFTP.

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File upload from the File Manager is limited to 100MB. If your file is larger than 100MB consider using SFTP.

SFTP or File Manager

SFTP can be used if your files are too large for the file manager. The file manager has a maximum upload size of 100MB due to our Cloudflare DDoS attack mitigator. If you get an error that the file is too large, use SFTP to upload it.

Upload files

Uploading files is simple. If you're uploading folders, we'll need to first zip up the folder. If you are only uploading one file then this can be uploaded directly by dragging it into the file manager.

To compress a folder or several files, right-click on your PC, search for "Send to" and then "Compressed folder (zip)". If you're on Windows 11, you might need to press show more options first. You can also use programs such as Winrar or 7zip to compress to .zip (โš  Do not use .rar compressed files as they will be extracted without respecting the folder order โš ).

Once you have the zip or the files you would like to upload, drag the files over the file manager window. This will start the upload. You can also press the upload button, and navigate to the files.

Once the files have been uploaded, if they are compressed .zip files you can unzip them by right-clicking on them and clicking "Descompress".