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How to start your server

How to start your server

When a new server is purchased, it is stopped by default.

To start your server you must go to the Console and in the top section you will find several action buttons, among them, the Start button to start your server.

You will also find buttons like Restart to restart your server (stop and start later). Stop to stop your server. Send Logs to send the latest logs from the console to our Pastes page, with the Open Logs button you can go to the Pastes page, with the Copy Logs button you can copy the link of the logs to share it.

Forcing the server to stop

By clicking the Stop button, you will have the option to force stop. This is useful if your server is stuck and does not respond to commands. This option may lose your progress if you have not saved it or corrupt some files if the crash is aggressive. So only use this button if your server is really stuck.