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What's SWAP Memory

What's SWAP Memory

To put it very simply. SWAP memory is disk space that is used as RAM. It is used when your server has no free RAM left.

So, if you have a server with 6 GB of RAM and it is being used 100%, your server will start using SWAP memory. SWAP is much slower than RAM, however, it can be useful to prevent the server from suddenly shutting down without warning and to avoid damaging or corrupting files.

Let's say you are using your server and it sometimes exceeds the maximum RAM. This would normally crash your server by restarting it; however, with SWAP memory active, this will in most cases prevent your server from crashing.

SWAP memory is active on all of our Game Hosting plans and the amount of SWAP memory is the same as the amount of RAM you have, if you have 6 GB of RAM, you have 6 GB of SWAP memory.